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91-XX Game theory, economics, social and behavioral sciences
91Bxx Mathematical economics {For econometrics, see 62P20}
91B02   Fundamental topics (basic mathematics, methodology; applicable to economics in general)
91B06   Decision theory [See also 62Cxx, 90B50, 91A35]
91B08   Individual preferences
91B10   Group preferences
91B12   Voting theory
91B14   Social choice
91B15   Welfare economics
91B16   Utility theory
91B18   Public goods
91B24   Price theory and market structure
91B25   Asset pricing models
91B26   Market models (auctions, bargaining, bidding, selling, etc.)
91B30   Risk theory, insurance
91B32   Resource and cost allocation
91B38   Production theory, theory of the firm
91B40   Labor market, contracts
91B42   Consumer behavior, demand theory
91B44   Informational economics
91B50   General equilibrium theory
91B51   Dynamic stochastic general equilibrium theory
91B52   Special types of equilibria
91B54   Special types of economies
91B55   Economic dynamics
91B60   Trade models
91B62   Growth models
91B64   Macro-economic models (monetary models, models of taxation)
91B66   Multisectoral models
91B68   Matching models
91B69   Heterogeneous agent models
91B70   Stochastic models
91B72   Spatial models
91B74   Models of real-world systems
91B76   Environmental economics (natural resource models, harvesting, pollution, etc.)
91B80   Applications of statistical and quantum mechanics to economics (econophysics)
91B82   Statistical methods; economic indices and measures
91B84   Economic time series analysis [See also 62M10]
91B99   None of the above, but in this section
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