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91-XX Game theory, economics, social and behavioral sciences
91Axx Game theory
91A05   2-person games
91A06   $n$-person games, $n>2$
91A10   Noncooperative games
91A12   Cooperative games
91A13   Games with infinitely many players
91A15   Stochastic games
91A18   Games in extensive form
91A20   Multistage and repeated games
91A22   Evolutionary games
91A23   Differential games [See also 49N70]
91A24   Positional games (pursuit and evasion, etc.) [See also 49N75]
91A25   Dynamic games
91A26   Rationality, learning
91A28   Signaling, communication
91A30   Utility theory for games [See also 91B16]
91A35   Decision theory for games [See also 62Cxx, 91B06, 90B50]
91A40   Game-theoretic models
91A43   Games involving graphs [See also 05C57]
91A44   Games involving topology or set theory
91A46   Combinatorial games
91A50   Discrete-time games
91A55   Games of timing
91A60   Probabilistic games; gambling [See also 60G40]
91A65   Hierarchical games
91A70   Spaces of games
91A80   Applications of game theory
91A90   Experimental studies
91A99   None of the above, but in this section
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