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58-XX Global analysis, analysis on manifolds [See also 32Cxx, 32Fxx, 32Wxx, 46-XX, 47Hxx, 53Cxx} {For geometric integration theory, see 49Q15]}
58Exx Variational problems in infinite-dimensional spaces
58E05   Abstract critical point theory (Morse theory, Ljusternik-Schnirelman (Lyusternik-Shnirelสนman) theory, etc.)
58E07   Abstract bifurcation theory
58E09   Group-invariant bifurcation theory
58E10   Applications to the theory of geodesics (problems in one independent variable)
58E11   Critical metrics
58E12   Applications to minimal surfaces (problems in two independent variables) [See also 49Q05]
58E15   Application to extremal problems in several variables; Yang-Mills functionals [See also 81T13], etc.
58E17   Pareto optimality, etc., applications to economics [See also 90C29]
58E20   Harmonic maps [See also 53C43], etc.
58E25   Applications to control theory [See also 49-XX, 93-XX]
58E30   Variational principles
58E35   Variational inequalities (global problems)
58E40   Group actions
58E50   Applications
58E99   None of the above, but in this section
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