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51-XX Geometry {For algebraic geometry, see 14-XX}
51Exx Finite geometry and special incidence structures
51E05   General block designs [See also 05B05]
51E10   Steiner systems
51E12   Generalized quadrangles, generalized polygons
51E14   Finite partial geometries (general), nets, partial spreads
51E15   Affine and projective planes
51E20   Combinatorial structures in finite projective spaces [See also 05Bxx]
51E21   Blocking sets, ovals, $k$-arcs
51E22   Linear codes and caps in Galois spaces [See also 94B05]
51E23   Spreads and packing problems
51E24   Buildings and the geometry of diagrams
51E25   Other finite nonlinear geometries
51E26   Other finite linear geometries
51E30   Other finite incidence structures [See also 05B30]
51E99   None of the above, but in this section
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