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49-XX Calculus of variations and optimal control; optimization [See also 34H05, 34K35, 65Kxx, 90Cxx, 93-XX]
49Kxx Optimality conditions
49K05   Free problems in one independent variable
49K10   Free problems in two or more independent variables
49K15   Problems involving ordinary differential equations
49K20   Problems involving partial differential equations
49K21   Problems involving relations other than differential equations
49K27   Problems in abstract spaces [See also 90C48, 93C25]
49K30   Optimal solutions belonging to restricted classes
49K35   Minimax problems
49K40   Sensitivity, stability, well-posedness [See also 90C31]
49K45   Problems involving randomness [See also 93E20]
49K99   None of the above, but in this section
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