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35-XX Partial differential equations
35Rxx Miscellaneous topics {For equations on manifolds, see 58Jxx; for manifolds of solutions, see 58Bxx; for stochastic PDE, see also 60H15}
35R01   Partial differential equations on manifolds [See also 32Wxx, 53Cxx, 58Jxx]
35R02   Partial differential equations on graphs and networks (ramified or polygonal spaces)
35R03   Partial differential equations on Heisenberg groups, Lie groups, Carnot groups, etc.
35R05   Partial differential equations with discontinuous coefficients or data
35R06   Partial differential equations with measure
35R09   Integro-partial differential equations [See also 45Kxx]
35R10   Partial functional-differential equations
35R11   Fractional partial differential equations
35R12   Impulsive partial differential equations
35R13   Fuzzy partial differential equations
35R15   Partial differential equations on infinite-dimensional (e.g. function) spaces (= PDE in infinitely many variables) [See also 46Gxx, 58D25]
35R20   Partial operator-differential equations (i.e., PDE on finite-dimensional spaces for abstract space valued functions) [See also 34Gxx, 47A50, 47D03, 47D06, 47D09, 47H20, 47Jxx]
35R25   Improperly posed problems
35R30   Inverse problems
35R35   Free boundary problems
35R37   Moving boundary problems
35R45   Partial differential inequalities
35R50   Partial differential equations of infinite order
35R60   Partial differential equations with randomness, stochastic partial differential equations [See also 60H15]
35R70   Partial differential equations with multivalued right-hand sides
35R99   None of the above, but in this section
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