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18-XX Category theory; homological algebra {For commutative rings see 13Dxx, for associative rings 16Exx, for groups 20Jxx, for topological groups and related structures 57Txx; see also 55Nxx and 55Uxx for algebraic topology}
18Exx Abelian categories
18E05   Preadditive, additive categories
18E10   Exact categories, abelian categories
18E15   Grothendieck categories
18E20   Embedding theorems [See also 18B15]
18E25   Derived functors and satellites
18E30   Derived categories, triangulated categories
18E35   Localization of categories
18E40   Torsion theories, radicals [See also 13D30, 16S90]
18E99   None of the above, but in this section
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