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16-XX Associative rings and algebras {For the commutative case, see 13-XX}
16Sxx Rings and algebras arising under various constructions
16S10   Rings determined by universal properties (free algebras, coproducts, adjunction of inverses, etc.)
16S15   Finite generation, finite presentability, normal forms (diamond lemma, term-rewriting)
16S20   Centralizing and normalizing extensions
16S30   Universal enveloping algebras of Lie algebras [See mainly 17B35]
16S32   Rings of differential operators [See also 13N10, 32C38]
16S34   Group rings [See also 20C05, 20C07], Laurent polynomial rings
16S35   Twisted and skew group rings, crossed products
16S36   Ordinary and skew polynomial rings and semigroup rings [See also 20M25]
16S37   Quadratic and Koszul algebras
16S38   Rings arising from non-commutative algebraic geometry [See also 14A22]
16S40   Smash products of general Hopf actions [See also 16T05]
16S50   Endomorphism rings; matrix rings [See also 15-XX]
16S60   Rings of functions, subdirect products, sheaves of rings
16S70   Extensions of rings by ideals
16S80   Deformations of rings [See also 13D10, 14D15]
16S85   Rings of fractions and localizations [See also 13B30]
16S90   Torsion theories; radicals on module categories [See also 13D30, 18E40} {For radicals of rings, see 16Nxx]}
16S99   None of the above, but in this section
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