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03-XX Mathematical logic and foundations
03Dxx Computability and recursion theory
03D03   Thue and Post systems, etc.
03D05   Automata and formal grammars in connection with logical questions [See also 68Q45, 68Q70, 68R15]
03D10   Turing machines and related notions [See also 68Q05]
03D15   Complexity of computation (including implicit computational complexity) [See also 68Q15, 68Q17]
03D20   Recursive functions and relations, subrecursive hierarchies
03D25   Recursively (computably) enumerable sets and degrees
03D28   Other Turing degree structures
03D30   Other degrees and reducibilities
03D32   Algorithmic randomness and dimension [See also 68Q30]
03D35   Undecidability and degrees of sets of sentences
03D40   Word problems, etc. [See also 06B25, 08A50, 20F10, 68R15]
03D45   Theory of numerations, effectively presented structures [See also 03C57; for intuitionistic and similar approaches see 03F55]
03D50   Recursive equivalence types of sets and structures, isols
03D55   Hierarchies
03D60   Computability and recursion theory on ordinals, admissible sets, etc.
03D65   Higher-type and set recursion theory
03D70   Inductive definability
03D75   Abstract and axiomatic computability and recursion theory
03D78   Computation over the reals {For constructive aspects, see 03F60}
03D80   Applications of computability and recursion theory
03D99   None of the above, but in this section
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