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97-XX Mathematics education
97Cxx Psychology of and research in mathematics education
97C20   Affective aspects (motivation, anxiety, persistence, etc.)
97C30   Student learning and thinking (misconceptions, cognitive development, problem solving, etc.)
97C40   Assessment (large scale assessment, validity, reliability, etc.) [See also 97D10]
97C50   Theoretical perspectives (learning theories, epistemology, philosophies of teaching and learning, etc.) [See also 97D20]
97C60   Sociological aspects of learning (culture, group interactions, equity issues, etc.)
97C70   Teachers, and research on teacher education (teacher development, etc.) [See also 97B50]
97C80   Technological tools and other materials in teaching and learning (research on innovations, role in student learning, use of tools by teachers, etc.)
97C90   Teaching and curriculum (innovations, teaching practices, studies of curriculum materials, effective teaching, etc. )
97C99   None of the above, but in this section
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