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78-XX Optics, electromagnetic theory {For quantum optics, see 81V80}
78Axx General
78A02   Foundations
78A05   Geometric optics
78A10   Physical optics
78A15   Electron optics
78A20   Space charge waves
78A25   Electromagnetic theory, general
78A30   Electro- and magnetostatics
78A35   Motion of charged particles
78A40   Waves and radiation
78A45   Diffraction, scattering [See also 34E20 for WKB methods]
78A46   Inverse scattering problems
78A48   Composite media; random media
78A50   Antennas, wave-guides
78A55   Technical applications
78A60   Lasers, masers, optical bistability, nonlinear optics [See also 81V80]
78A70   Biological applications [See also 91D30, 92C30]
78A97   Mathematically heuristic optics and electromagnetic theory (must also be assigned at least one other classification number in this section)
78A99   Miscellaneous topics
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