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70-XX Mechanics of particles and systems {For relativistic mechanics, see~; for statistical mechanics, see~82-XX}
70Kxx Nonlinear dynamics [See also 34Cxx, 37-XX]
70K05   Phase plane analysis, limit cycles
70K20   Stability
70K25   Free motions
70K28   Parametric resonances
70K30   Nonlinear resonances
70K40   Forced motions
70K42   Equilibria and periodic trajectories
70K43   Quasi-periodic motions and invariant tori
70K44   Homoclinic and heteroclinic trajectories
70K45   Normal forms
70K50   Bifurcations and instability
70K55   Transition to stochasticity (chaotic behavior) [See also 37D45]
70K60   General perturbation schemes
70K65   Averaging of perturbations
70K70   Systems with slow and fast motions
70K75   Nonlinear modes
70K99   None of the above, but in this section
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