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70-XX Mechanics of particles and systems {For relativistic mechanics, see~; for statistical mechanics, see~82-XX}
70Gxx General models, approaches, and methods [See also 37-XX]
70G10   Generalized coordinates; event, impulse-energy, configuration, state, or phase space
70G40   Topological and differential-topological methods
70G45   Differential-geometric methods (tensors, connections, symplectic, Poisson, contact, Riemannian, nonholonomic, etc.) [See also 53Cxx, 53Dxx, 58Axx]
70G55   Algebraic geometry methods
70G60   Dynamical systems methods
70G65   Symmetries, Lie-group and Lie-algebra methods
70G70   Functional-analytic methods
70G75   Variational methods
70G99   None of the above, but in this section
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