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58-XX Global analysis, analysis on manifolds [See also \FullScheme{49Q15]}
58Cxx Calculus on manifolds; nonlinear operators [See also 46Txx, 47Hxx, 47Jxx]
58C05   Real-valued functions
58C06   Set valued and function-space valued mappings [See also 47H04, 54C60]
58C07   Continuity properties of mappings
58C10   Holomorphic maps [See also 32-XX]
58C15   Implicit function theorems; global Newton methods
58C20   Differentiation theory (Gateaux, Fr├ęchet, etc.) [See also 26Exx, 46G05]
58C25   Differentiable maps
58C30   Fixed point theorems on manifolds [See also 47H10]
58C35   Integration on manifolds; measures on manifolds [See also 28Cxx]
58C40   Spectral theory; eigenvalue problems [See also 47J10, 58E07]
58C50   Analysis on supermanifolds or graded manifolds
58C99   None of the above, but in this section
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