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35-XX Partial differential equations
35Axx General theory
35A05   General existence and uniqueness theorems
35A07   Local existence and uniqueness theorems [See also 35Hxx, 35Sxx]
35A08   Fundamental solutions
35A10   Cauchy-Kovalevskaya theorems
35A15   Variational methods
35A17   Parametrices
35A18   Wave front sets
35A20   Analytic methods, singularities
35A21   Propagation of singularities
35A22   Transform methods (e.g. integral transforms)
35A25   Other special methods
35A27   Microlocal methods; methods of sheaf theory and homological algebra in PDE [See also 32C38, 58J15]
35A30   Geometric theory, characteristics, transformations [See also 58J70, 58J72]
35A35   Theoretical approximation to solutions {For numerical analysis, see 65Mxx, 65Nxx}
35A99   None of the above, but in this section
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