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34-XX Ordinary differential equations
34Mxx Differential equations in the complex domain [See also 30Dxx, 32G34]
34M05   Entire and meromorphic solutions
34M10   Oscillation, growth of solutions
34M15   Algebraic aspects (differential-algebraic, hypertranscendence, group-theoretical)
34M20   Nonanalytic aspects
34M25   Formal solutions, transform techniques
34M30   Asymptotics, summation methods
34M35   Singularities, monodromy, local behavior of solutions, normal forms
34M37   Resurgence phenomena
34M40   Stokes phenomena and connection problems (linear and nonlinear)
34M45   Differential equations on complex manifolds
34M50   Inverse problems (Riemann-Hilbert, inverse differential Galois, etc.)
34M55   PainlevĂ© and other special equations; classification, hierarchies; isomonodromic deformations
34M60   Singular perturbation problems in the complex domain (complex WKB, turning points, steepest descent) [See also 34E20]
34M99   None of the above, but in this section
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