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26-XX Real functions [See also 54C30]
26Exx Miscellaneous topics [See also 58Cxx]
26E05   Real-analytic functions [See also 32B05, 32C05]
26E10   $C^\infty$-functions, quasi-analytic functions [See also 58C25]
26E15   Calculus of functions on infinite-dimensional spaces [See also 46G05, 58Cxx]
26E20   Calculus of functions taking values in infinite-dimensional spaces [See also 46E40, 46G10, 58Cxx]
26E25   Set-valued functions [See also 28B20, 54C60} {For nonsmooth analysis, see 49J52, 58Cxx, 90Cxx]}
26E30   Non-Archimedean analysis [See also 12J25]
26E35   Nonstandard analysis [See also 03H05, 28E05, 54J05]
26E40   Constructive real analysis [See also 03F60]
26E50   Fuzzy real analysis [See also 03E72, 28E10]
26E60   Means [See also 47A64]
26E99   None of the above, but in this section
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