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22-XX Topological groups, Lie groups {For transformation groups, see 54H15, 57Sxx, 58-XX. For abstract harmonic analysis, see 43-XX}
22Dxx Locally compact groups and their algebras
22D05   General properties and structure of locally compact groups
22D10   Unitary representations of locally compact groups
22D12   Other representations of locally compact groups
22D15   Group algebras of locally compact groups
22D20   Representations of group algebras
22D25   $C^*$-algebras and $W$*-algebras in relation to group representations [See also 46Lxx]
22D30   Induced representations
22D35   Duality theorems
22D40   Ergodic theory on groups [See also 28Dxx]
22D45   Automorphism groups of locally compact groups
22D99   None of the above, but in this section
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