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14-XX Algebraic geometry
14Lxx Algebraic groups {For linear algebraic groups, see 20Gxx; for Lie algebras, see 17B45}
14L05   Formal groups, $p$-divisible groups [See also 55N22]
14L10   Group varieties
14L15   Group schemes
14L17   Affine algebraic groups, hyperalgebra constructions [See also 17B45, 18D35]
14L24   Geometric invariant theory [See also 13A50]
14L30   Group actions on varieties or schemes (quotients) [See also 13A50, 14L24]
14L35   Classical groups (geometric aspects) [See also 20Gxx, 51N30]
14L40   Other algebraic groups (geometric aspects)
14L99   None of the above, but in this section
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