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11-XX Number theory
11Nxx Multiplicative number theory
11N05   Distribution of primes
11N13   Primes in progressions [See also 11B25]
11N25   Distribution of integers with specified multiplicative constraints
11N30   TurĂ¡n theory [See also 30Bxx]
11N32   Primes represented by polynomials; other multiplicative structure of polynomial values
11N35   Sieves
11N36   Applications of sieve methods
11N37   Asymptotic results on arithmetic functions
11N45   Asymptotic results on counting functions for algebraic and topological structures
11N56   Rate of growth of arithmetic functions
11N60   Distribution functions associated with additive and positive multiplicative functions
11N64   Other results on the distribution of values or the characterization of arithmetic functions
11N69   Distribution of integers in special residue classes
11N75   Applications of automorphic functions and forms to multiplicative problems [See also 11Fxx]
11N80   Generalized primes and integers
11N99   None of the above, but in this section
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