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06-XX Order, lattices, ordered algebraic structures [See also 18B35]
06Dxx Distributive lattices
06D05   Structure and representation theory
06D10   Complete distributivity
06D15   Pseudocomplemented lattices
06D20   Heyting algebras [See also 03G25]
06D22   Frames, locales {For topological questions see 54-XX}
06D25   Post algebras [See also 03G20]
06D30   De Morgan algebras, Ɓukasiewicz algebras [See also 03G20]
06D35   MV-algebras
06D50   Lattices and duality
06D72   Fuzzy lattices (soft algebras) and related topics
06D99   None of the above, but in this section
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