2000 Mathematics Subject Classification

The Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC) is used to categorize items covered by the two reviewing databases, Mathematical Reviews (MR) and Zentralblatt MATH (Zbl). The MSC is broken down into over 5,000 two-, three-, and five-digit classifications, each corresponding to a discipline of mathematics (e.g., 11 = Number theory; 11B = Sequences and sets; 11B05 = Density, gaps, topology).

The current classification system, 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC2000), is a revision of the 1991 Mathematics Subject Classification, which is the classification that has been used by MR and Zbl since the beginning of 1991. MSC2000 is the result of a collaborative effort by the editors of MR and Zbl to update the classification. The editors acknowledge the many helpful suggestions from the mathematical community during the revision process.

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