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Most items in Mathematical Reviews (MR) and Current Mathematical Publications (CMP) include institution address codes. An institution code is used to abbreviate the address given by the author in
the item (and in MR to indicate the reviewer location for some reviewers). A code consists of two [or three] parts separated by hyphens; these parts designate the country, the university or institution
[and the department]. For five countries, the country designation consists of a single digit; these countries are 1 - USA, 3 - Canada, 4 - United Kingdom, 5 - Australia and 6 - India.

Sometimes an institution code is made invalid or retired. Invalid codes are those which were incorrect or redundant. A cross-reference from the invalid code to the valid code will be given in the form
"(Invalid: use X-XXX)". A retired code is one which was once acceptable but due to changes in the university, city, or country name will not be used in the future. A cross-reference from the retired
code to the new code will be given in the form "(Retired: use Y-YYY)".

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Search results will be formatted as follows: Institution code; Name and address of the organization, country in which the organization resides.

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