AMS Digital Mathematics Registry

Update Date: November 15, 2018

Welcome to the AMS Digital Mathematics Registry. The aim of the AMS-DMR is to provide centralized access to certain collections of digitized publications in the mathematical sciences. The registry is primarily focused on older material from journals and journal-like book series that originally appeared in print but now is available in digital form.

The registry is organized both by the collections and by the individual journals (or series) themselves, providing links to each that will be regularly verified and updated.

All versions of the Digital Mathematics Registry (DMR) are in the public domain; they may be downloaded, modified, and posted on other sites. Each version is dated, and the AMS requests that modifications of any version retain this date.

This registry is maintained as a public service by the AMS through Mathematical Reviews. Submissions of proposed new collections can be made by using the Submission Form

[The registry was inspired by work of the Committee on Electronic Information and Communication of the International Mathematical Union, as well as by Ulf Rehmann's Digital Mathematics Library.]